Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program

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Hour Activity
8h00-9h00 Registration
9h00-10h00 Welcome and Opening Plenary

Stakeholders: All

Speakers: Jonas Haertle (PRME Global), Didier Trebucq (Head of UNDP/ Brazil), Milenko Gudic (PRME Anti-poverty WG ), Cláudio Boechat ( PRME Anti-poverty WG), Norman Arruda Filho (Head of PRME Chapter Brazil), José Antonio Fares (FIEP System CEO)

10h00-11h00 Coffee-break/ Poster Sessions 1
10h30-11h00 Poster Session 1

Several tracks

Coordinators: Adriana Caldana, Flavio Hourneaux Junior

11h00-12h30  Roundtable Discussion 1

“Public Policy for Responsible Management Education and Research”

Stakeholders: Government Representatives and Research Funding Agencies

Speakers: Jonas Haertle (PRME Global), Didier Trebucq (Head of UNDP/ Brazil), Luciana Aguiar (UNDP/Brazil), Henrique Villa da Costa Ferreira (Federal Secretary for 2030 Agenda)

12h30-14h00 Lunch/ Networking
14h00-15h30  Parallel Sessions/Tracks*
15h30-16h00  Coffee-break/ Networking
 16h00-17h30 Roundtable Discussion 2

“Leaders training for SDGs: companies view”

Stakeholders: Companies Representatives

Christian Hauser (PRME DACH), Pedro Luiz Fernandes (CEO Novozymes), Malu Nunes (Boticário Foundation), Carlo Linkevieius Pereira (Executive Secretary/Global Compact Brazil)

17h30-18h30 Conference 1

Stakeholders: All

Speaker: Maurizio Zollo (Bocconi University) – Coordinator of Global Organizational Learning and Development Network (GOLDEN) for Sustainability


19h00  Reception
Hour Activity
8h00-9h30  Parallel Sessions / Tracks 2*
9h30-10h30 Conference 2

Stakeholders: All

Speaker: Isabel Rimanoczy (Sustainability Mindset WG)

10h30-11h00 Coffee-break / Poster Session 2
11h00-12h30 Roundtable Discussion 3

“SDGs in a scholar view”

Stakeholders: School managers, Researchers and Deans

Milenko Gudic (PRME Anti-poverty WG), Al Rosenbloom (Dominican University/ US and PRME Anti-Poverty WG), Maria Antônia Brovelli (POLIMI – Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Consuelo Garcia De La Torre (Tecnologico de Monterrey/Mexico – PRME LAC), Luciana Oranges Cezarino (UFU / Brazil)

12h30-14h00  Lunch / Networking
14h00-15h30  Parallel Sessions / Tracks*
 15h30-16h00 Coffee-break / Networking
 16h00-17h30 Roundtable Discussion 4

“SDGs in a student View”

Stakeholders: Students Representatives and Student Entities

Speakers: Lutz E. Schlange (PRME DACH), Alessandro Garcia Vieira (Brazilian Scout Association), Giovana Chimentão Punhagui (FIEP System), Kleber Marins De Paulo (Head of Enactus Brazil), Anastasiya Marcheva (PRME Anti-poverty WG)

17h30-18h30 Closing Conference

Future agenda for SDGs in RME

Stakeholders: All

Speakers: Jeffrey Sachs – Via Video Conference, Milenko Gudic – New York Meeting Outcomes, Lutz Schlange (PRME DACH), Jonas Haertle – Closing remarks


Schedule subject to change according to the Organizing Committee